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Restoration Estimating

Restoration Estimating is About More than Dollars and Cents

The value of restoration estimating has everything to do with dollars and cents. It has everything to do with the profit of a job, the quality of the job, and the value that both the restoration company and the customer receive in the end. Yes, restoration estimate training will teach you all about the cost and expense, but it is also about so much more.


Restoration estimate training will teach you about the importance of quantifying and qualifying as much as possible. It should also teach us about the importance of reputation in the restoration industry, and how good restoration estimating practices will bolster your company.


Good restoration estimating will also be key to getting the job done and doing it at a profit. Restoration, regardless of how large or small the task, is a costly endeavor. Estimates that only allow for enough space to get the job done can cost much more than an unfavorable profit margin. In the world of restoration, there is always the unexpected and unforeseen, it is simply inherent to the business. Estimates that don't account for every scenario, count as failed estimates.


If you are seeking experienced and professional restoration estimate training or would like to discuss your business with a restoration consultant, then we would love to talk to you. We understand the value of margins in restoration estimating, and we have the knowledge and the experience to make your team and your business better.


Contact Tim Farmer Consulting for restoration business training, restoration marketing, or for any of your restoration business needs. Restoration estimating is about more than dollars and cents, it is about delivering the highest quality restoration services. It is about helping people and communities recover and providing them with great service.


Estimating will have an impact on your profit margins, but poor restoration estimates will have an impact on your business and your customers. Get help and learn the best practices experienced professionals because restoration estimating is about more than dollars and cents.

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