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Restoration Margins

The Details Make the Difference: Restoration and Mitigation Margins

There are a few things common to every business that can define success or failure. These are things like margins. In the same way revenue or management can determine the success or failure of a business, restoration margins can be even more important. If you need to know more about restoration or mitigation margins, then we can help.


Welcome to Tim Farmer Consulting, your restoration business consultant and expert in aspects like restoration margins, mitigation margins, and more. While margins are important to the profit and loss of virtually any job in any industry, in the business of restoration it means everything.


One of the golden rules of business and bidding is to never underbid. Few things can tarnish a reputation like having to go back to the customer to ask for more funds or to deliver a bill that is over-estimate. That generally means eating the cost for those companies who maintain their reputations. How many bad bids would that take before your restoration business begins slipping into the red?


Margins mean everything. And having good margins doesn't mean having enough resources to complete the restoration work. Good margins mean having enough to complete the work and turn a profit while giving the customer the highest quality results.


Contact Tim Farmer Consulting to find out how we can make your restoration company and services better, more profitable, and stronger. Margins are only the beginning, but that is a good place to start.

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