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Sales & Marketing

Build a lead and revenue generation model!

Restoration organizations need a customized sales plan and focus that meets the need for future growth and development. We focus on enhancing the existing model (or creating one) to ensure that lead and revenue generation goals are not only met but exceeded. There are a variety of methods that a restoration company can utilize to generate leads and revenue. Our process also focuses on training the sales staff (when requested) either remotely via GoToMeeting or onsite. Whatever your needs are, we’re here to help!


SWOT Analysis

We review over your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to help in the development of a strategic sales plan. Our focus is to design a system that you can implement easily, quickly and effectively.


Customer Analysis

Understanding what clientele you are after is an important step in growing your business. By analyzing your existing referral sources, we ensure that the organization is taking strides to reach additional referral sources. We build a plan that fits the need of the organization and help you implement within the company staff.


Target Market

We focus on analyzing the existing market you are currently in or are looking to expanding to. We focus our attention to develop a proper sales & marketing plan for the organization. Organizations that are on an expansion plan also need outside help to develop the next market space that fits the needs of the organization. We look over existing referral sources along with gathering the proper data so that an organization can make the right decision for expansion.


Marketing Strategy

Marketing supports the sales efforts your team is doing every day. Organizations need to build a functioning plan that supports the sales staff while also obtaining proper analytics for future decision making. We work with organizations to develop these plans and execute, resulting in significant returns.


Sales Strategy

Sales is more about relationships than getting a client to sign a contract. While contracts are nice, having a consistent referral base ensures that your organization can remain sustainable and successful. We focus on building a strategic plan for sales success and help to implement with the organization’s sales team.


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