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Strategy & Operations

Having the right production and processes in place are necessary to remain efficient for every business. There is a competitive advantage that comes from having your vision implemented in an efficient manner. Additionally, adequate timing of materials and job site functions are important to your business and the client. From the front office to the vendor supply-chain, we focus on existing and future opportunities to enhance your business and build value.


Supply Chain & Scheduling

Your supply chain is a link you need to gain a strong competitive advantage over the competition. There should be a firm yet fair relationship with suppliers and vendors so that your culture is their culture. Afterall, meeting customer needs is key to ensuring a long-term relationship with your referral sources.


Strategic Management

Strategy is only a thought and discussion without action. Organizations need to make the proper analyses, decisions and take the right actions to develop and maintain a strong competitive advantage. We review and identify organizational factors that will help an organization succeed long-term. Long-term success and stability are important priorities to organizations, and they are to us as well.


Customer Service & Quality Management

Take innovative measures to ensure that your customer service is part of your competitive advantage to your business and not to your competitor. We look over existing processes and CRM initiatives to ensure that your clients are receiving the best service in the industry.


Cost Management and Profitability

Optimize your cost by having the right structure in place. We look at everything from direct job costing to overhead items ensuring that your organization is positioned for success. Many times, organizations are cutting costs in the wrong areas, eventually leading to service level failures.


Cash Flow Analysis

How quickly are you getting your funds back for re-investments into new jobs or into furthering the growth of your organization? Producing a good cash flow for your business isn’t just vital to staying in business, but necessary to help your business produce success for years to come. We review over current cash flow initiatives and develop a plan that helps your cash flow by enhancing collections faster and more efficiently.


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