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The Importance of an Organizational Mission

Employee engagement within an organization can be directly correlated to an organizations mission statement. With the proper mission statement, internal operations are affected by driving employees forward and keeping the company on task. Not only will employees become more engaged in the company’s mission, but they’ll also remain motivated that there is a rational basis for their work. Employee retention is higher when employees are engaged in the organization and its mission.

Writing a mission statement all starts with the very reason the organization even exists. Why does the organization do what it does? Once this has been determined, the vision and mission statements can begin to be written. The company’s mission should solve a problem and bring a sense of purpose not only to consumers but also to the organization’s employees. This is what is driving the organization toward the goal of achieving the organizations vision.

Once the “why” has been established, the organization needs to break things down a bit further. Mission statements help employees know what the company does, who benefits from this, and what makes the company different from the competition. These vital questions will aide in further refining the organizations mission statement. It’s not just employees that are interested in the organizations mission but also the consumer. The consumer wants to know the benefits of the organization along with what differentiates them from the competition.

Finally, formulate the message keeping in mind the organizations goals and vision. Narrow down the questions from 2-4 advantages that the company delivers. Keeping the mission statement specific helps the organization keep a clear path toward the organizational vision. Not only are internal operations affected by the clear path, but consumers are also. If the mission statement is clearly defined and directs the path to enforce the organizations vision, employees become empowered to enforce the mission of the company. The forward motion of any organization is pushed by its own mission statement while engaging employee growth and development to see it through.

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