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Training & Staff Development

Developing effective training plans are crucial for organizations. Training employees and staff can take a lot of time out of managers. We develop adequate training to your staff via remote video conferencing or on location to help develop high-performing teams.


Estimator Training

Estimators are a main component for any restoration contractor. Whether you just hired a new estimator or have a team of experienced estimators, we develop a plan to help your team become effective and profitable. 


Project Manager Training

Project managers are on the front lines tending to your clients needs. While the tools for training may not be widely available for project managers, we develop a training plan that fits the needs of the organization. There are many opportunities on projects that should be capitalized on, but not at the expense of the client. We train and develop your project managers how to manage a job effectively and profitably.


Sales & Marketing Training

Sales and marketing individuals need to focus on clients needs daily. While doing so, your staff needs to have the proper tools and training necessary to increase their own sales goals. We develop a plan that the sales staff can easily follow and remain accountable to. Afterall, crushing goals is what you want to see your sales staff do!


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